About Us

Operating for over 20 years, our team are well known for their extensive experience and specialist knowledge in the design and the installation of the highest quality staircases. We work in both the domestic and commercial sectors – providing staircases for the home and for buildings such as hotels, offices, town halls, etc. We also provide smaller solutions such as concrete steps for swimming pools and gardens. This is in addition and complimentary to all types of reinforced concrete works that we also undertake – please see www.csformwork.co.uk for further information.

The many years of experience that we’ve accumulated means that we have perfected the process of assisting our clients in designing their dream stairs and then following through on its fast and efficient installation. We can take on any concrete stair project and deliver outstanding results. Our end result is a beautiful staircase that is not only practical but is usually the most aesthetically pleasing design focus of the room!

Our friendly and approachable team’s many years of experience means that they are able to handle any situation and can expertly advise on how to make the best of the space available.

Our experience also ensures that the project will stay on budget. There’s nothing desirable or pleasant about experiencing ‘budget creep’. Rest assured this will not be a factor.

If you are unsure about the best solution for your particular situation we are happy to offer you as much advice and information to enable you make an informed decision on your new stairs. We can provide you images of work that has been previously undertaken as a visual aid, so that you can expand your own knowledge of what is possible for your project.

Call us today to discuss your requirements and we’ll work with you to make your new stairs vision a reality. If you don’t have that vision yet – then we’ll help build that for you too.

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